Private Coaching in Belting with Christin Bonin

You are a professional musical performer or pop/soul/jazz singer and you have a serious problem with your belt voice?

There is this part of the song you cannot manage to belt out how it should be done? Your voice cracks in the passaggio, is lacking power or range?

Christin Bonin will help you.

Just send an mp3 recording of your voice of about 1 minute with a song fragment you need help with by email, and Christin Bonin will give you free advice. No charge.

You are interested in private coaching by Christin Bonin via Zoom, Teams, or Skype, in English, French or German language? 

You can book belting lessons for 1 to 4 people at 150€ or 180 USD per lesson

(60 minutes) 10 Minutes Try-out-Session for free. Private coaching in person worldwide. Further information over request.